UM3 Multipulse Electronic Fluorescent Twin Tube Starter

  • Reliable Starting at lower supply voltages and operating temperatures.
  • All 18-125W linear and 8-36W compact lamps covered by one product.
  • Starter for Twin Series Tubes
  • Longer Lamp Life.
  • Automatic failed lamp cut-off.
  • Manufactured in UK
UM3 Multipulse fluorescent twin tube Lamp electronic starter

The patented LEL Multipulse system produces timed heating followed by high energy, high voltage ignition to give very reliable starting even under conditions of low temperatures.

The soft start of UM2 and UM3 give greatly reduced cathode wear and end blackening and therefore significantly enhances lamp life. There is an automatic failed tube cut-off which avoids continuous flashing and ballast overheating.

Manufactuered in the UK by Tabelek
Manufactured in the UK by Tabelek

Twin Lamp Starting

Electronic Starter for twin fluorescent tubes in series, UM3 Multipulse for twin strip lights, operating in series from one ballast and will start tubes in the twin configuration even at -30°C and with a supply voltage down to -10% (both conditions applying together). Them UM3 is also suitable for 4W to 22W single circuits on 115 to 240V supplies.

Conventional Canisters

Both the UM2 and UM3 are housed in conventional starter canisters. They have an operating life equal to that of a luminaire and can be retrofitted into existing installations of factory fitted into new luminaires.

Multipulse System

LEL's patented Multipulse circuit used in the UM type starters represents a significant advance in electronic starter performance.
Ordinary electronic starters provide for lamp striking with one high voltage pulse each half cycle of the supply frequency. LEL's Multipulse starters provide several high voltage pulses in each half cycle.

Multipulse Fluorescent Electronic Twin Starter Waveform

Under normal conditions a lamp will strike, after heating, on the first pulse received and further pulses are inhibited - so the Multipulse starter provides a positive soft start typical of a single pulse starter. The Multipulse advantage becomes evident under limit conditions of low ambient temperature and low supply voltage.

Where those apply the higher energy available from the Multipulse system is far more effective than a single pulse. With 2400mm Krypton lamps (100W) the higher energy Multipulse system is essential for reliable starting below +10°C, and for 1800mm slimline (70W) lamps the Multipulse starter has been shown to overcome problems encountered with ordinary electronic starters in outdoor situations.

With all lamps the low temperature and low supply voltage limits are greater than those applying to single pulse types. This also means that heating times can be optimised for normal rather than extreme conditions, thereby providing a faster start.

UM3 Electronic Twin Starter Specification

Lamp Types
4-20W Series Pair and 4-22W Single T5, T8, T12 linear or Campacts
Start Time
2.4 secs nominal
115-240V nominal +/- 10%, 50-60Hz
Multipulse Voltage
1.3kV minimum
Reset Time
Zero (normal operation)
Shut-down Time (failed lamp)
4 secs maximum
Temperature Operating Ranges
Starter and Lamp -10% supply Voltage
4-125W, -30°C to +80°C. | 18-65W, -40°C to +80°C.
Ballast Types
Lagging or leading, standard, low loss or extra low loss
Standard switch-start type as defined in BS 3772/IEC 155
Performance to IEC 927 - BS EN 60927
General and Safety to IEC 926 - BS EN 60926, certified by BSI Testing

UM3 Twin Starter Datasheet Download

 UM3 Twin Fluorescent Tube Electronic Starter Datasheet

UM3 Twin Electronic fluorescent starter

For 4-20W Series Pair and 4-22W Single T5, T8, T12 linear or Compacts.
For general use and extreme conditions on twin lamps.
Manufactuered in the UK by TabelekManufactured in the UK by Tabelek
Bulk Buy price breaks for electronic starters available.
Please give us a call.
£2.50 each

Alternative electronic starters are the UM2 Electronic Starter and the 300C Electronic Starter

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