Two Channel Effect Controller

  • Fade Effects

  • 3 styles of firelight

  • 3 styles of candle light

  • Background TV effects

  • Lightning Effect

Two Channel Effects Controller

The TABELEK two channel effects controller from Tabelek Control Systems ideal for Starcloths and Starlight assemblies and is available In 2 versions. A basic two channel unit which fades automatically from one channel to the other, or a more advanced version with numerous effect features.

Both versions have two channels rated at 5A and is suitable for numerous applications, including tungsten or low voltage lighting. The fade time can be varied along with the overall brightness and the crosspoint. At minimum one channel is off while the other fade up and down, at maximum one channel is on full while the other dims down then up. At the mid point the overall light level is kept constant, as one circuit fades up the other fades down. There is also the facility to set the unit to static mode and dim the channels together using a single control. The advanced version has these features, but in addition can also produce a range of startling effects, including: 3 styles of firelight, 3 styles of candle light, Background TV effects and Lightning Effects.

Technical Specifications

Supply: 200-240 Vac 50/60 Hz
Output: 5A per channel, built in fuse protection.
Complies with relevant parts of current CE regulations for:-
EMC: EN55014 /EN50081-1 emissions
EN50082-1 immunity
LVD: EN60439 / EN60950
Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer.

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