Pea Bulb Starcloth / Starlight Effect Electronics and Spares

TABELEK are able to manufacture the complete range of Starlight Effect Electronics to suite, your exact requirements. Tabelek manufacture the starlight / starcloth effect using pea bulbs or LED's. We are able to provide the necessary control box and transformers. We are also able to supply any spares you may need to maintain an existing system. Most spares items are usually available from stock.


Glass Pea Bulb
Tabelek still manufacture the 'original pea bulb system', including controller & transformers. All spares are readily available.

Pea Bulb and LED Starcloth / Starlight Effect for Marquee's
Pea Bulb Starcloth / Starlight Effect Electronics and Spares

Standard LED
Usually supplied in white LED, but available in a range of single colours or a mixture of two or more colours. Available colours include White, Blue, Red, Green and even Pink or UV.

Colour Changing LED
A randomly changing LED, slowly fading through seven colours. All the LED's are slightly different cycle times so within minutes a totally random changing colour effect is achieved. A superb replacement for fibre optic lighting!

Full RGB controlled LEDs
The ultimate starlight effect system, produce a massive array of effects and almost unlimited colours by mixing the red, green and blue output of each LED.

Tabelek offer a range of controllers to suit all applications. Simple two channel effects for pea bulb and LED, available with DMX control if required. The RGB LED's are available with a comprehensive range of control options, from simple patterns and colour mixing to fully programmable sequences and effects.

To order or discuss your requirements further, please contact us with your cloth sizes. We will quickly advise the options available and quote as required, for price and delivery timescales.

TABELEK do not undertake the fitting of the electronics to your starcloth, but we can advise as necessary if you fit your own.

Many Marquee manufacturing companies across the country fit our electronics. Based upon your location and exact requirements we will make arrangements for the fitting if preferred.


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