Fast Start Tube Starter for Fluorescent Strip Lights - 300C Fastlux Electronic Tube Starter

  • Fast Start Tube Starter for fluorescent strip lights, instant light from extra fast starting.
  • Reliable starting at low operating temperatures and supply voltages.
  • Covers a wide range of fluorescent lamps from the smallest (4W) to 65W linear and 5-38W CFL's.
  • Reduces cathode wear gives much longer fluorescent lamp life.
  • Automatic failed lamp cut-off.
  • Uniquely suitable for maintained emergency lighting.
  • Soft start fluorescent starter
  • Manufactured in UK
Fluorescent Tube Starter - 300C Electronic Lamp Starter

The novel LEL tube starter design produces timed heating followed by high energy, high voltage ignition to give very reliable strip light starting even under conditions of low temperatures.

The soft start of Fastlux 300C strip light starter gives greatly reduced cathode wear and end blackening and therefore significantly enhances lamp life.There is an automatic failed tube cat-off which avoids continuous flashing and ballast overheating.

The Fastlux 300C fluorescent tube starter offers soft start increasing the life of fluorescent tubes and is particularly appropriate for frequently switched lighting such as in domestic use or in energy managed schemes. In these situations lamp/tube life can be increased by as much as 3 or 4 times.

Manufactuered in the UK by Tabelek
Manufactured in the UK by Tabelek

Extrending the life of fluorescent tube lights

The Fastlux 300C tube starter is a super-fast plug-in fluorescent electronic tube starter. With this tube starter, under normal conditions, the light output from the lamp is fully established within 0.3 seconds. As well as providing instant light, the Fastlux 300C fluorescent tube starter reduces wear-out of the lamp cathodes during starting to less than one tenth of that to which they are subjected during a glow switch start. It also provides automatic shut-down if a lamp does not start in a given period thus avoiding annoying flashing and ballast overheating which often occur with conventional glow switch starters.

300C Super fast starting

The very fast starting is made possible by enhanced heating current controlled by a dual start sequence. After 0.3 seconds of cathode heating as a high current level, high voltage pulses are applied. Under normal conditions the lamp can then strike and run. To cater for adverse conditions such as low temperature or low supply voltage, a second phase of extended heating and pulsing continues the start process for a further 0.6 seconds if necessary.

Start phases

The initial plus the extended start phases together are designed to provide a start under extremely abnormal conditions. If the lamp is faulty and cannot function the fluorescent tube starter automatically shuts down after a maximum of 1.2 seconds.

Long Life

The Fastlux 300C fluorescent tube starter contains no electrolytic capacitors and has a wide temperature operating range with a very long life. The auto-resetting built into the starter will always give immediate re-strike in the event of a mains supply break, however short the break may be. As the failed lamp cut-off level is voltage dependent, the Fastlux 300C tube starter can be specified for use in maintained emergency lighting where it can be relied upon to restart the lamp after restoration of the power supply following a "brown-out" or partial interruption.

The Fastlux 300C fluorescent tube starter is housed in a conventional starter canister and has an operating life of 20 years. It can be either retrofitted into existing fluorescent lighting installations of factory fitted into new luminaires.

Fastlux 300C Fluorescent Tube Starter

Lamp Types
4W to 65W Linear (T5. T8, T12), 5W to 38W Compacts (2L, PL, 2D)
Fast Start Time
0.3 seconds nominal
Extendedt Start Time
Further 0.5 seconds nominal
220-240V nominal +/- 10%, 50-60Hz
Pulse Voltage
1.3kV - 1.5kV
Reset Time
Zero (normal operation)
Shut-down Time (failed lamp)
1.2 secs maximum
Temperature Operating Ranges
Starter and Lamp -10% supply Voltage
4-38W, -40°C to +90°C. | 40-65W, -20°C to +90°C.
Ballast Type
Standard, Lagging only. Also suitable for some low-loss types.
Standard switch-start type as defined in BS 3772/IEC 155
Performance to IEC 927 - BS EN 60927
General and Safety to IEC 926 - BS EN 60926, certified by BSI Testing

300C Fluorescent Tube Starter Datasheet Download

Fluorescent Tube Starter - 300C Datasheet

300C Electronic Fluorescent Tube Starter

300C electronic fluorescent starter for 4W to 65W Linear (T5. T8, T12), 5W to 38W Compacts (2L, PL, 2D)
For general use..
Manufactuered in the UK by TabelekManufactured in the UK by Tabelek

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